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[tlug] Rakuten GOL + Claws Mail = Daily Hangs

Going to ask here first before asking on the user forums in case this is a Japan problem.  If anyone spots the problem, please say now:

I have used GOL as my main mail provider since Roger B signed me up for one of the first tests of his new system.  I have ridden the ownership waves throughout the entire history of the brand. However, a recent problem has eventuated since about the time Rakuten took over: hangs in Claws Mail during the receive mail process.

I am experiencing hangs in the receive process on a daily basis and I am at a loss to discover a time, pattern, or a place in the process where the hang takes place.  Sometimes it shows as a failure to complete login, sometimes as a hang when deleting locally discarded messages from the main system, and sometimes during mail processing.  There are times when canceling the "Receive" process just resets the process and I am able to manually check immediately and others where I have to CTRL + ALT + ESC to kill Claws and restart.  When I restart, the first D/L is always successful.

Speaking about the problem with GOL "Support" is only slightly better than hitting the top of my skull with a claw hammer.  When I upgraded from Debian 8 to 9, I manually created new login, send, and receive information in Claws but copied over my ClamAv and Bogofilter histories and settings and all of my post-receipt filtering instructions.  I believe that both 8 and 9 install the same version of Claws Mail so have discarded version mismatch as a possible problem.

A log from the most recent hang.  I found the following this morning.  Looks as though it was an incorporation issue this time, which would point to a Sort or Move command issue, but I can't see where that would occur:

[02:18:55] * message: Account '': Connecting to POP3 server:
[02:18:55] POP< +OK Dovecot ready.
[02:18:55] POP> USER
[02:18:55] POP< +OK
[02:18:55] POP> PASS ********
[02:18:56] POP< +OK Logged in.
[02:18:56] POP> STAT
[02:18:56] POP< +OK 622 22294839
[02:18:56] POP> UIDL
[02:18:56] POP< +OK
[02:18:56] POP> LIST
[02:18:56] POP< +OK 622 messages:
[02:18:56] POP> RETR 622
[02:18:56] POP< +OK 79188 octets
[02:18:56] POP> QUIT


[08:48:30] * message: Incorporation cancelled
[08:48:44] * message: Account '': Connecting to POP3 server:
[08:48:44] POP< +OK Dovecot ready.
[08:48:44] POP> USER
[08:48:44] POP< +OK
[08:48:44] POP> PASS ********
[08:48:44] POP< +OK Logged in.
[08:48:44] POP> STAT
[08:48:44] POP< +OK 629 22462246
[08:48:44] POP> UIDL
[08:48:44] POP< +OK
[08:48:44] POP> LIST
[08:48:44] POP< +OK 629 messages:
[08:48:45] POP> RETR 623
[08:48:45] POP< +OK 30303 octets
[08:48:45] POP> RETR 624
[08:48:45] POP< +OK 6478 octets
[08:48:45] POP> RETR 625
[08:48:45] POP< +OK 7145 octets
[08:48:45] POP> RETR 626
[08:48:45] POP< +OK 22000 octets
[08:48:45] POP> RETR 627
[08:48:45] POP< +OK 10516 octets
[08:48:45] POP> RETR 628
[08:48:45] POP< +OK 30003 octets
[08:48:45] POP> RETR 629
[08:48:45] POP< +OK 60962 octets
[08:48:45] POP> QUIT
[08:48:45] POP< +OK Logging out.


So, my upgrade from 8 to 9 was almost, nearly, practically issue free except ...


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