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Re: [tlug] VPN?

David J Iannucci <> wrote:
> it seems Apple will not allow app developers to make their own OpenVPN
> clients and offer them on App Store, but force you to use their
> "OpenVPN Connect" app.

I'm not sure this is entirely true, though it seems Apple does put up
some roadblocks and nobody else has bothered to navigate around them.

> That might be ok (although smells suspicious), but I just found out that
> Apple's app

"OpenVPN Connect" is not made by Apple.

> is on OpenVPN 1.2.9, while 2.4.6 has been stabilized on my Gentoo system.
> WTH is up with that? This, ironically, makes it hard for me to
> consider any VPN provider that is OpenVPN-only, based on the idea that
> Apple's version is too far out of date.

OpenVPN Connect is on a different codebase.  1.2.9 was released in Feb
2018 and does support some OpenVPN 2.4-only features e.g. AES-256-GCM
and tls-crypt.

Stephen Lee <>

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