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Re: [tlug] silicon cash eater

On Jul 5, 2017, at 06:09, Kalin KOZHUHAROV <> wrote:

On Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 4:23 AM, Kevin Sullivan <> wrote:
And the numbers are in.

Base config uses
Cable box + Cable modem +Airport router + printer on standby + running
server: about 135w
Monitor (big...) +40-50w
Desk Light +10w
external DVD +1-2w
Speakers +5-10w
Total about 195w

Add in the W10 i7 with 8 cores running SETI, spinning up 5 drives and
cooling fans... it peaks on boot over 400w

And run SETI using the GPU (225w total) +80 or so.

Everything running as I wish if power weren't an issue: about 450w. That
sucks (Silicon Cash eater!)

That is your full power-on usage. Still missing is the standby (i.e.
no SETI and you are sleeping, so nothing else) numbers...

This can rationalize investing in more power-friendly new hardware or
not. Simply not running SETI and configuring DPMS, etc off may be
Or are you asking for a cheap way (HW+power) to run SETI??


current config standby is 135w, with basically internet and wifi and server in basic running mode, no SETI installed on the AMD server.

Since SETI runs at 100% only on the W10 machine which usually sits otherwise-idle (laptop use in other places around the house or globe…) it makes sense to me to just turn it off when not in active use. Since that is the newest motherboard/cpu combination I have and am not going to trash that investment, its low-power idling without SETI is not much concern… unless I were to swap the server over to that motherboard, put the  W10 back on that AMD cpu/mobo… or replace with a more power-conscious choice. Frankly the easier thing is to run an extension cord over to my neighbors house and use HIS outside outlet…. And when my server goes down I will know he found out…. ;) 

Kevin Sullivan

JP +81-90-9829-9653

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