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Re: [tlug] silicon cash eater

On 6/29/2017 6:40 PM, kts wrote:
Thank you for the pointer. Just ordered the 2m extension cord 1500w version.

Real power numbers coming soon.

And the numbers are in.

Base config uses
Cable box + Cable modem +Airport router + printer on standby + running server: about 135w
Monitor (big...) +40-50w
Desk Light +10w
external DVD +1-2w
Speakers +5-10w
Total about 195w

Add in the W10 i7 with 8 cores running SETI, spinning up 5 drives and cooling fans... it peaks on boot over 400w

And run SETI using the GPU (225w total) +80 or so.

Everything running as I wish if power weren't an issue: about 450w. That sucks (Silicon Cash eater!)

Remedies: GPU off, W10 off unless needing the OS for video editing or other Win-only software. DVD / speakers / Monitor off unless using desktop systems via keyboard. This should take me back to the base running configuration of 135w, a 320w/hr saving with house/room cooling knock-on effects too.

An interesting exercise in cutting a pocketbook leak. Thanks for assistance and pointers to the interesting power meter. I now kind of wish I had found an IOT-enabled device that could report in real-time so it could be posted on my websites of @Casa Del Kevin...

Thanks everyone

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