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Re: [tlug] silicon cash eater

kts writes:

 > Wind and solar are nice, but possibly nowhere near the
 > dream of cheap plentiful energy for everyone.

Eh?  Be careful how you phrase that!  True, in a race with climate
change, development of renewable sources may not be fast enough.  But
surely if we could afford to wait for 100 years of technological
progress there's plenty of renewable energy for the foreseeable
population (up to say 20 billion, which I don't think we'll reach
until we start seriously colonizing outside of the Earth).

 > One option that has potential is nuclear,

The problem with nuclear is not technical.  We can solve those
problems to the level needed vs. the risks of climate change.  It's
lack of political will to invest in safety and risk mitigation, and
the general incompetence of politicians to think beyond the next
election, and bureaucrats' distaste for thinking beyond the current
budget cycle.

Damn, if only Lazarus Long and the Howards were running things ....

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