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Re: [tlug] silicon cash eater

CL writes:

 > as Dr. Turnbull will tell you, more with nowness has certain
 > economic value that you can compare to a deeper discount combined
 > with thenness.

Sure, and on the manufacturer side of the market, as Dr. Christensen
will tell you, chasing your best customers down a rabbit hole of
ever-increasing cost/performance (note: cost on top increasing!) is
just asking to get disrupted.  I doubt that we've reached the
practical physical limits on disk size and density yet, but I'm sure
it's getting very costly to increase those parameters.  SSD is a truly
(potentially) disruptive technology in mass storage, although it's
taken long enough to mature that I think nobody in their senses is
getting disrupted (well, Toshiba, but hey, and anyway they put all
their eggs in a bucket of fissionables, which we already knew was a
stupid idea).

On the other hand, I'm not sure in this case that more with nowness
has more than marginal value.  I don't really understand why anybody
with a personal or SOHO setup would want anything bigger than whatever
is currently easily and cheaply available at time of purchase.  At
4TB, you're risking a lot of data on one piece of physical equipment,
even though it's probably ultra-low information density (pr0n video or
the Twitter firehouse, but I repeat myself).  I would consider the
extra electricity draw of a mirrored setup as an insurance premium.


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