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Re: [tlug] Dictionary problem

Hi Thomas,

On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 3:40 PM, Thomas <> wrote:
> Thank you.
> However ..
> as a translator I have signed contracts with each and every agency. Many
> of those contracts specifically PROHIBIT the use of things like Google
> translate!
> I do use online dictionaries on a daily basis, but (1) there are times -
> believe it or not - when I have to work without internet access.
> (2) The stuff you find on the net is often everything but trustworthy.

I see.  I was not aware of translator contracts.  I wonder if their
concern are lazy translators who feed entire sentences into Google?  I
mean, if you put a single word into Google, you're actually doing a
single word lookup (i.e., with no natural language processing at all).

I guess explaining this difference to the company would be harder.  :-)

I see your point about (1) and (2).  And about this as well:

> Having to work usually with highly technical / medical / sometimes
> philosophical material ... tools like Rikaichan do not provide what I need.
> Sorry for being so negative.

Perhaps you can consider those portable electronic dictionaries?
Current models have a pad to write kanji out.  (I, too, remember
stroke counting that Kalin was referring to!  What a nightmare!)

When I bought my most recent portable electronic dictionary, I noticed
there were other models which were specific to certain disciplines.
Medicine, though, might be too specific...  But I think some of the
newer models allow you to expand the "books" available using SD cards,

At least, such dictionaries have a publisher behind them and might be
considered trustworthy...

It's been a while since I worked in Japan.  But when I did, even my
Japanese co-workers who were savvy with computers (Linux, Windows,
etc.) still relied on portable [bilingual] electronic dictionaries.  I
don't know why...the dictionaries seem to succeed in Japan but not
anywhere else.


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