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Re: [tlug] Dictionary problem

> 2016/03/21 17:13、Darren Cook <> のメール:
> There is a world of difference between using "Google Translate", and a
> professional translator googling for word meanings.

As far as a NDA is concerned, I don't see the difference. In the meaning that there is just as much disclosure when you search a term (and probably a number of related terms) in Google (and considering all that Google does in the background) and actually looking for the same terms in a GT request.

Basically NDAs (at the level we, translators, are asked to work) just require that we don't sell or use the information we get through our client, and I'd say that feeding that to GT has less probability to actually result in a damageable disclosure (for which results we'd have to assume liability) than actually using our machines for work where using our emails system could accidentally result in sending the data to a random contact or list registered on our machine...

Basically all that MT "disclosure" crap from clients is BS and I routinely refuse to work for clients that put such unreasonable burdens on the translator.

Jean-Christophe Helary 

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