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Re: [tlug] Chrome or Firefox window titles

Curt Sampson writes:

 > But another option comes to mind: File → Save As... ? The output
 > is not always accurate, but generally it does capture the text.

Oh, they're all PDFs, so that would be fine ... if I remember to do
so. :-)  If not, I end up having to reauthenticate.  At least there
are no restrictions to the University network, so I can do it from

 > [1]: (This references a footnote from ST, but I can't figure out
 >      how to quote it (i.e., say it's not my footnote reference but
 >      his) in Markdown.

reStructuredText rules!

 > [2]: That said, dude, you need a colon to do proper Markdown
 >      footnotes![3]

These are Emacs footnotes, intended for use only in email, using a
mode written by the late great Steve Baur in 1996, and I helped (added
an iroha mode).

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