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Re: [tlug] Chrome or Firefox window titles

On 03/18/2016 02:42 AM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> I currently have 14 Chrome windows open, most with tabs in double
> digits.  I'd like to set a persistent title, eg "RFCs", "Economist",
> etc on them
> Any clues welcome, including "use a different/better browser"

One way to organize a large number of tabs/windows is to use the Tree
Style Tab extension for Firefox:

For example, you can have an "Economist" tab that is a "temporary group,"
which has all of the Economist articles opened as child tabs.  Trees are
collapsible, making them easy to navigate and manage.

> (bonus points if it automatically propagates to the folder
> name for "Bookmark all tabs" and back to the window title when all
> tabs are opened in a new window)

(With the above extension:)

If you have a new hierarchy that you want to save as bookmarks, then you
can right-click the parent tab and select "Bookmark All Tabs..."  When
adding bookmarks to an existing folder, however, each addition should be
done separately.

To open a folder, select "Open All in Tabs" and the extension will give
you a dialog box for choosing how to open them (unless you select an
option to perform all the time):

* Open as Separate Tabs (Firefox default)
* Open as a New Tree

Selecting "Open as a New Tree" will create a "temporary group" tab with
the folder name and open all of the pages in the folder as child tabs.



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