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Re: [tlug] Help with HDD mounting problem

Kalin KOZHUHAROV writes:
 > On Mar 17, 2016 2:45 AM, "Darren Cook" <> wrote:

Note: Darren's words are taken out of context.

 > > [...] something that would write to /etc/fstab.

 > That is something Windozy, [...].  It looks like gvfs (gnome
 > virtual file system) is involved.

Some people just never learn.  Over the years, I've come to the
opinion that for the "should not be allowed" crowd[1] Windows (and
even more so, Mac) is a GoodThang[tm].

 > Is it just me, or most users on linux forums ask how to stop their
 > automagical desktop from deciding for themselves?

It's not just you, but at this point in time I doubt that its "most".
The problem that GNOME and KDE face is that they aren't (and even if
TrollTech had LBO'd GNOME along the way, can't be) monopoly vendors,
and they have to work with conventions they can't control.  That
control is *exactly* what Windows and Mac have offered to both the
technopeasant and the technopeasant-targeting app developer.

 > 0x10+ years using (well almost) only linux, no Desktop and still
 > happy :-) [Gentoo with Windowmaker]

I use a Mac, and the desktop is indeed very useful[2] though I use it
sparingly.  Emacs provides a primitive session-recovery facility
called "desktop" as well, and I really couldn't live without that (I
have an excuse, though: as an XEmacs developer I occasionally need to
restart :-) and sometimes I make mistakes ;-).

     See also

[2]  In particular, I frequently move open files behind the
application's back, and Mac OS X tracks that for me most of the time.
For some operations, a graphical file manager is convenient, and
recent versions of Finder on modern hardware now produce thumbnails[3]
within my (no doubt aging) JND, which also is useful when dealing with
files saved from broken mail or extracted from a shit-JIS zipfile.

[3]  I'm waiting for MIDI files to display a score!

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