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Re: [tlug] Help with HDD mounting problem

On Mar 17, 2016 2:45 AM, "Darren Cook" <> wrote:
> > * -> WITHOUT the HDD it is the same, except for the last two lines.
> Oh, hang on... do you mean the contents of /etc/fstab change
> automatically depending on whether you have the drive attached or not?
> That is weird: I think udev is used to handle new drives, but I thought
> that was an alternative to /etc/fstab, not something that would write to
> /etc/fstab.
That is something Windozy, most probably a service integrated with your desktop (gnome, kde, whatever), or less possible, something Mint-specific.
I guess looking at Mint forums for how automount works will be your best bet.
To muddle through it, I would `sudo fgrep C63403D43403C701 /etc - r` to locate the config of the said service.
It looks like gvfs (gnome virtual file system) is involved.

Is it just me, or most users on linux forums ask how to stop their automagical desktop from deciding for themselves? 0x10+ years using (well almost) only linux, no Desktop and still happy :-) [Gentoo with Windowmaker]


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