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Re: [tlug] Help with HDD mounting problem [SOLVED]

On 2016/03/17 9:25, Kalin KOZHUHAROV wrote:

On Mar 17, 2016 2:45 AM, "Darren Cook" < <>> wrote:
> > * -> WITHOUT the HDD it is the same, except for the last two lines.
> Oh, hang on... do you mean the contents of /etc/fstab change
> automatically depending on whether you have the drive attached or not?

My fault. The two lines were added when I installed the disk, but remained there after I removed it again. Deleting those two lines took (probably) care of the "Press S to skip mounting ..." error. This kind of operation is always very scary, since I may send the entire system "over the edge". I have had that a lot of times. In particular because I do not really know what I am doing there ...

That is something Windozy, most probably a service integrated with your desktop (gnome, kde, whatever), or less possible, something Mint-specific. I guess looking at Mint forums for how automount works will be your best bet.

About the "Strike F1 to continue ..." error that popped up during boot:
I spend some hours googling and found all sorts of things. A whole list of things to be changed in the BIOS,
replacing CMOS battery etc.
I DID change the BIOS (altough the items that SHOULD be changed were not in my BIOS to begin with) a few times, but that did not help.

Finally, I chose "return to factory settings", assuming this will not make things worse.
Now things seem to be fine.
If only I had known this little trick before ...

Sorry for the unnecessary excitement.

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