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Re: [tlug] DDB/CJKV-E Web Host under DDOS attack

Josh Glover writes:

 > My guess is that my grandfather would view it like Google (or
 > whichever company) wanting to drive his car for 10 minutes a day
 > when he's not using it.

I'm sure he would.  My point (as Curt also points out) is that

 > Making the case to the general public would be a social engineering
 > challenge.

Take the path of minimum effort, as millions of app hackers are
already doing.  EAFP it.

(For those of you who aren't "duck-typing" fans, that acronym expands
to "Easier [to] Ask [for] Forgiveness [than for] Permission" [you are
not likely to ever have to].)

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