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Re: [tlug] DDB/CJKV-E Web Host under DDOS attack

Hi Chuck,

I'd be happy to provide hosting for you guys for free in Japan (depending on the size of course)




2016/01/02 13:48、Charles Muller <> のメッセ�`ジ:

> Dear Colleagues,
> For more than a week, our web hosting service, Linode, has seen its 
> servers worldwide fall under a sustained dDos attack that has continued 
> to cripple its business (see note from Linode below). As a result, the 
> DDB and CJKVE dictionaries have also been shut down periodically. We are 
> presently working on alternative solutions as we follow the situation. 
> If you happen to experience difficulties in accessing the dictionaries 
> in the coming days, please understand that we are aware of the 
> situation, and will do our best to maintain our service.
> Regards,
> Chuck
> ===============================================
> An update from Linode about the recent DDoS attacks
> I’d like to share some updates about the recent DDoS attacks.
> I am one of several network engineers at Linode. All of us have been 
> working around the clock on DDoS mitigation. While things are stable, I 
> would like to take a moment to publicly address the large and frequent 
> DDoS attacks that we have been receiving since Christmas Day.
> It has become evident in the past two days that a bad actor is 
> purchasing large amounts of botnet capacity in an attempt to 
> significantly damage Linode’s business. The following is a partial list 
> of attacks we have received in no particular order:
> - Multiple volumetric attacks simultaneously directed toward all of our 
> authoritative nameservers, causing DNS hosting outages
> - Multiple volumetric attacks simultaneously directed toward all of our 
> public-facing websites, causing Linode Manager outages
> - Layer 7 (“400 bad request”) attacks toward our web and application 
> servers, causing Linode Manager outages
> - Large volumetric attacks toward our colocation provider’s upstream 
> interconnection points, overwhelming the router control planes and 
> causing significant congestion/packet loss
> - Large volumetric attacks toward Linode network infrastructure, 
> overwhelming the router control planes and causing significant 
> congestion/packet loss
> All of these attacks have occurred multiple times. Over the course of 
> the last week, we have seen over 30 attacks of significant duration and 
> impact. As we have found ways to mitigate these attacks, the vectors 
> used inevitably change.
> As of this afternoon, we have mostly hardened ourselves against the 
> above attack vectors, but we expect more to come. We are working 
> extremely closely with all of our technical partners, including our 
> network equipment vendors and our colocation providers, to prevent 
> future attacks.
> Once these attacks stop, we plan to share a complete technical 
> explanation about what has been happening. Additionally, we will be 
> announcing the details of an ongoing project to significantly improve 
> our internet connectivity and resiliency.
> We would like to apologize for the lack of detail in some of our recent 
> status-page updates. Please know that we are dedicating all resources 
> from multiple departments to stopping these attacks. We acknowledge the 
> amount of downtime we’ve been experiencing is completely unacceptable, 
> and we appreciate the understanding and support we have received over 
> the past several days. We will share more information as our 
> investigation continues.
> Alex Forster
> Network Engineer at Linode
> Posted on Dec 31, 22:23 UTC
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> A. Charles Muller
> Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology
> Faculty of Letters
> University of Tokyo
> 7-3-1 Hongō, Bunkyō-ku
> Tokyo 113-8654, Japan
> Office Phone: 03-5841-3735
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> Twitter: @H_Buddhism
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