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Re: [tlug] SSDs (was: Memory upgrade and CPU bit-width question)

On 01/01/2016 10:54 am, "David J Iannucci" <> wrote:
> So now, because I've also got a sweet new SSD, I'm just gonna do a fresh
> install of Gentoo onto the SSD and make it a 64-bit system all at once.
> Can't wait for the result :=)
> Anyone who has read this far and has hints and dos-and-donts related
> to any of this, esp. the transition to SSD, I'd be very grateful to
> hear them!

I replaced my wife's Windows system in July, and on the recommendation
of a couple of well-versed people put in an SSD as the system drive, and
retained the HDD for user data. Apparently the old limits on R/W cycles
for SSDs has gone now.

The new system boots and starts apps like lightning, and so far has been
very solid. If I ever build a Linux desktop (I use a notebook), I'll do the same.

[FWIW the system is on Windows 7, I'll decide in a few months whether to
move to 10.]


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