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Re: [tlug] Memory upgrade and CPU bit-width question

On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 8:13 PM, Curt Sampson <> wrote:
> On 2016-01-04 15:31 +0800 (Mon), Raymond Wan wrote:
>> On an unrelated point to David's original query, I was looking at
>> portable SSDs recently on a recent visit to Japan.  At Yodobashi
>> Camera, they sold 512 GB ones at these prices:
>> 22990 Lexar
>> 37180 Samsung
>> 72130 Buffalo
>> How can Buffalo's be 3 times the price of Lexar?
> My guess is that would be an indication that 512 GB drives are not yet
> at the commodity pricing level, and so you're going to see quite a lot
> of variation in the price.
> Further support for this comes when you look at the $/GB ratio as
> compared to say, 128 GB or 64 GB drives. It's clear where the curve is
> there, and your best bet to save money is always to buy on the lowest
> part of the $/quantity-of-whatever curve if you can.

That's a good point!  I just presumed that there is something "better"
about Buffalo drives that I was missing.

In Hong Kong, they actually sell laptops at different prices (i.e.,
same brand, slightly different model numbers) depending on whether
it's made in China or Japan.  Of course, I don't know whether the ones
made in Japan are better; it might be that vendors know the words
"Made in Japan" means they can increase the price.  The average person
will still buy it.

I thought it was the same thing I was seeing.  Or they put a very
expensive product out so that everyone buys the cheaper one thinking
that "it's a great deal".  I'm sure Yodobashi Camera does that from

>> My last ThinkPad had only one 3.0 port and three 2.0 ones, and it's a
>> reasonably high-end model, so I don't think that all laptops have only
>> 3.0 ports these days.
> The 3.0 ports are easy to identify: the plastic bits in them are blue.
> But keep in mind, even without USB 3.0, ESATA (and, if you want to get
> really creepy old, "Firewire") gives you fast bulk transfer speeds as
> well.

And I think there should be an "SS" next to the USB symbol, as well.

> Josh is right that you've got that a**-backwards. Buy an SSD, make it
> your main dive, and plop the now-somewhat-spare HDD in to an external
> case for backup or whatever.
> Certainly unless you have less than 4 GB of memory, and maybe even if
> you have just 2 GB of memory, an SSD is going to to be by far the most
> cost-effective way of increasing your computer's speed.
> I have difficulty thinking of situations where someone's using an HDD
> where my first (and potentially last) recommendation wouldn't be,
> "install an SSD."

Hmmm, I'll think about it for my next upgrade.  To process the data I
work with, I need hard disks in the TB range.  So I can't quite dump
the hard disk out yet to an external case.  But maybe if the SSD
prices continue to fall...

Thanks for the suggestions!


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