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Re: [tlug] 28 Backspaces

> Boys?  Who said "boys"?  She's a better hacker than any of the boys 
> around here...

When I heard the Talk Talk hacker was only 15, I gave my 14-year old a
clip round the ear: "What have you ever hacked? When I was your age I
knew what every byte in the first track on an Atari ST floppy disk was
for and how to hide a self-replicating virus there. You haven't even
worked out that pressing the reset button on our router would remove all
the filters I set up! Or - even easier- that I haven't changed the
default admin password written on the back!"

Well, I didn't tell her that last bit - I'm still hoping she will work
it out ;-)

Of course, I do keep having to ask her how to operate the TV programme


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