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[tlug] touchpad shortcut

Good evening

(I tried to connect to the Linux Mint ML AND online Community, for which
I have registered before, but cannot get through.
Maybe I have been fired)

I have a probably REALLY stupid question.
I installed Mint 17.2 Cinnamon 64-bit on a Dell Inspiron 1545.
During the installation and setting up all sorts of things I **FOUND** a
setting for toggling the touchpad ON/OFF
that WAS ALREADY THERE TO BEGIN WITH = not my doing.
I was outrageously happy having finally found something like that, which
I could not find in other Linux flavors.

Now, the shortcut key I assigned to the function for unknown reasons
does not work any more and I would like to "reset" it.
However, like one of those squirrels, I forgot WHERE that setting was.

I cannot find it under "pointing devices (mouse/touchpad)", "keyboard"
or other system settings.

Does anybody know, where I have to look?
I tried to find relevant information on the net, but could not.

Thank you.

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