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Re: [tlug] "Cage nut tool" in Japanese?

On Sat, 04 Apr 2015 22:34:33 +0800
Raymond Wan <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Sorry, not really related to Linux, but maybe someone here 
> who administers servers might know.

Wish we had more of such here (local hardware stuff tips) not only for
Tokyo but places such as Osaka, etc. Reminds me of my constant guess
that locals keep the good stuff away from gaijin. 

> On my next visit to Japan, I'm thinking of trying to find a 
> "cage nut insertion tool".  That is, the tool used to add 
> (ideally, remove also) cage nuts into server racks.  I broke 
> one screwdriver already and my fingers hurt from trying...

Assuming Tokyo-to, first that came to mind are Akiba's landmark AISAN
and also down the road, some store (I can tell you precisely
after some photo research), in front of Ginza line's Suehirocho
station. You'll easily recognize the multi-floor, extra-cramped
space stocking electronics (parts).

> I'm having a hard time finding it here since most computer 
> shops sell things for the average home/small office consumer.

Same deal if not harder. 

Anyways. Please let us know what you find.


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