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Re: [tlug] "Cage nut tool" in Japanese?

On Sunday, April 05, 2015 12:02 AM, wrote:
Assuming Tokyo-to, first that came to mind are Akiba's landmark AISAN
and also down the road, some store (I can tell you precisely
after some photo research), in front of Ginza line's Suehirocho
station. You'll easily recognize the multi-floor, extra-cramped
space stocking electronics (parts).

Actually, my next visit is to Kansai. But if I'm unsuccessful, some future visit might be to Kanto.

I'm not very desperate for it. If I were, I can order it now from Amazon USA. So, I have some time to hunt around. Knowing what it's called will help...

I'm not stereotyping or anything, but staff at computer shops seem less tolerate of mispronunciation of katakana than say....oh....a duty free shop. Ok, not a fair comparison...that's like opposite ends of the spectrum! But staff at computer shops tend to give up more quickly and say, "I've never heard of that!". *ha* I suppose not just Japan, but here in Hong Kong, too!

I'm having a hard time finding it here since most computer
shops sell things for the average home/small office consumer.

Same deal if not harder.

Anyways. Please let us know what you find.



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