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[tlug] "Cage nut tool" in Japanese?

Dear all,

Sorry, not really related to Linux, but maybe someone here who administers servers might know.

On my next visit to Japan, I'm thinking of trying to find a "cage nut insertion tool". That is, the tool used to add (ideally, remove also) cage nuts into server racks. I broke one screwdriver already and my fingers hurt from trying...

I know there are many types, but the simplest is just a piece of metal.

I'm having a hard time finding it here since most computer shops sell things for the average home/small office consumer.

Does anyone know what it's called in Japanese? Or even what kind of store would sell it? This isn't the type of thing that Bic Camera or Yodobashi Camera would have, I guess?



PS: Amazon USA has it. Some ridiculously expensive ones, but it has them. I guess Amazon Japan might have it too, if I knew what it's called.

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