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Re: [tlug] Raspberry Pi on Java Night Seminar.


You are welcome.and now you know official Oracle Java supporting on RPi and RPi2.(OpenJDK is optional - need to be installed if you don't wanna use Oracle Java.

hope to see you on Apr 10th.


2015-04-02 15:32 GMT+09:00 Adam Jiang <>:
Thanks for invitation. That sounds interesting. I am more interested in the way how you can get Java run on RPi.

On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 1:12 PM, Masafumi Ohta <> wrote:
Hello Tlugers,

Stephen Chin,who is famous for 'nighthacking' ( ) - Java for ARM will present some Java demo using Raspberry Pi.
* Advanced Coffee Brewing Demo
* Magic IoT Hat
* Line Follower Robot
* Retro Raspberry Pi
* 3D Printing

if you are interested in 'RPi on Java' please RSVP the meetup on Apr 10th following the doorkeeper page - will be held at 7PM-9PM at Oracle Aoyama Center in Gaienmae,Shibuya

It is non translating - will be presenting only in English.

Masafumi Ohta
Rep. of Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group

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