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Re: [tlug] Looking for Summer Internship in Japan

Benjamin Kowarsch writes:

 > You don't understand a thing or two about today's job market.

You're right, not about the market you're in.

 > It has nothing to do with being qualified or deserving or whichever
 > way you want to twist my words.

I quoted your words; any others were mine.

 > It is a lottery. As simple as that.

Nonsense.  Sure, there's an element of chance, but it's not like Lotto
Six, it's like poker: if you play the game well, your chances are much

 > There is enough work, but greed and short term thinking has put
 > budget and hiring constraints on entire industries.

No, there isn't enough work (at least not enough well-paying work for
intelligent adults), and there won't be until Abe pulls that third
arrow out of his arse and starts poking the economy with it.  And when
he does (if he does), things will get worse before they get better.

True, there's an infinite amount of need out there, and in that sense
there's plenty of work.  Eg, emptying bedpans for bedridden elderly.

But I don't think that's the kind of "enough work" you had in mind.
For the kind of work people like us want to do and are good at, and
work which undeniably does contribute to society sufficiently to
warrant the level of pay we expect, a *lot* of coordination (explicit
or implicit) is necessary.  Without that coordination, sorry, there
won't be jobs for all of us because all the work we can do without it
does no good for anybody else.  (By the way, that's what [good] bosses
do, coordinate.  It just looks like they only get in the way.  You'd
be amazed how much damage an unbossed herd of cats can do! ;-)

 > I have been talking to hundreds of recruiters and headhunters and
 > they mostly tell the same story, the whole thing has become a
 > lottery.

Of course they would, because they're becoming rats on the treadmill,
too.  They should get the hell out of that line of work, then.  It's
not doing you any good, and I doubt it's any fun for them. :-)

 > And he seemed to actually believed that [he was looking at 50 cvs
 > with 19 bullet points all checked off] himself.

You mean you don't? :-)  I hope you didn't waste any more time on that

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