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Re: [tlug] Looking for Summer Internship in Japan

Benjamin Kowarsch writes:

 > Demand for non-drone skills is asymptotically approaching zero.

I just don't believe that.  Say's Law applies to Renaissance woman
more than it does to most goods: "supply creates its own demand."

 > Nobody would ever hire me to do any python work.

That's probably true.  What you're missing is that drone work is
advertised and farmed out to the headhunters, and so *that* "drone"
market (and its failure to hire you) is very visible.  The kind of
work that demands a Renaissance woman you get by doing good work where
your future boss can see you do it.  I've had interviews for dev work
at Canonical and at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, despite having a
coding efficiency in the low dozens of LOC per year.  (Honesty in
front of the boss's boss led to amicable agreement that I should stay
a professor, which pained my would-be bosses. :-)  I don't know about
you, but I watch my friends in Python and distros hire each other all
the time, and I assure you they're not hired for their Python skills
alone.  But this is not visible unless you're already (fellow-)
traveling in those circles.

And that's why Attila is right: coming to TLUG with the request is a
good idea.

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