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Re: [tlug] VirtualBox with Wndows XP in Thinkpad x240 running kubuntuubn

On 02/10/2015 03:23 AM, SCHWARTZ, Fernando G. wrote:
Indeed, I'll be more precise. Let's say you have root, "user1", "user2", "user3", etc registered users on your Debian host machine. For the ones you'd like your USB inside VirtualBox to work, please add them to the "vboxusers" group created by the package during installation.

See my response to Scott. I now have the USB devices being seen ... for better or worse. Thanks for your instructions. They were helpful and understood, but I wanted to make sure there wasn't a better way to instruct my system.

Do you have an spare drive so you can plug to your current hardware, deploy a clean (host) install and follow the VirtualBox standards for your distro? I don't know if you already tried that... Looking forward to your comments.

The desktop installation I am using right now is recent -- since Oshogatsu. I have two Debian and one *buntu installation using VBox. All were installed from .debs and all have the usb lines commented in automatically. I know that I have installed from source a couple of times but that was in The Deep Dark Past. I have a spare disk, but no time right now. I'll put it on my "ToDo" list for later in the week, though.


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