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Re: [tlug] VirtualBox with Wndows XP in Thinkpad x240 running kubuntuubn

Dear all,

On 02/09/2015 10:53 AM, CL wrote:
> BTW:  VBox 4.3.20 on Debian Wheezy x64KDE 7.8 -- USB switch has NEVER
> worked on any Linux (incl. *buntu) host WIN (XP32, WIN7 32, WIN7 64)
> guest combination on this box, 3 different AMD CPUs, 3 different mobos.
>> Beyond the standard stuff of making sure the user you plan to run the
>> VirtualBox environment under is indeed part of the " vboxusers " group,
>> here is the trick:
> Current version of Wheezy does not show _any_ user groups in any GUI
> setup file.

> Ideas?

You're saying that you do not know if your current user is part of the
'vboxusers' group. Am I reading this right?

On the distros that I use everyday, setting this up is:
usermod -a -G vboxusers <your_intended_user_name_2_run_VB_under>

Without being part of the 'vboxusers' group, you cannot expect your USB
inside VirtualBox to work.


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