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Re: [tlug] VirtualBox with Wndows XP in Thinkpad x240 running kubuntuubn

On 02/10/2015 02:44 AM, Scott Robbins wrote:
Odd. Well, running the command groups <username> should show it.

#<username> lp cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev scanner lpadmin netdev bluetooth vboxusers

So, it's there and it answers my next question as to whether what is assigned using "usermod" is permanent or a one-off change to the system that needs repeating each time VBox is started. Two birds, one stone. Thanks for the clarification.

I honestly don't know whether the disappearance of the explicit listing of group memberships in the Setup GUI, usually under /System Settings/Startup and Shutdown (IIRC), is a Debian or KDE change, but I suspect the latter. I have asked on another site and will weed out the expected questions of my mental prowess (or lack of same) before reporting the rest of the resulting answer.

Yeah. You log onto Debian as greatscott as one does. (Ok, I admit, most of you, even after reading my posts, may not have created that user name.) Then, as root or using sudo for root privilege, on the Debian host usermod -a -G vboxusers greatscott

I'd already substituted my own host user name and got my lsusb device list seen after logging out and back in. And, I was right in supposing that I should do so as root. It was one in the morning and I was on autopilot.

Fortunately, autopilot worked as designed.  For once.

Unfortunately, once camera and headset were checked in the list of devices that could be "seen" by the guest, they stopped working in the host. It was more excitement than I needed at that point, so I unchecked them in guest setup and made a note to see whether I could do that a different way later.

Which is actually an interesting point that I'd never thought of till now--yeah, mouse and keyboard always work, even if USB.

Something for me to query in VBox User Forums ... later, when I can schedule another playtime.


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