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Re: [tlug] Thnikpad x240 Japanese writing

Thanks for the replies I received. Both replies indicate IBUS so I will use this again first try the combination with MOSC.

I use on an old x40 Linux Mint Debian, with IBUS and Anthy. There this combination works perfectly well. Actually a bit more stable compared to IME on my XP machine and Outlook.


On 2014-08-23 12:24, CL wrote:
On 08/23/2014 10:50 AM, rost52 wrote:
I installed Antergos (based Arch Linux) on my Thinkpad x240. The x230 has a Japanese keyboard as it
was purchased here. I want to use the 半角・全角 key to switch from English (default) to Japanese
writing. I had a look at the ArchLinux documents and wander which Input method is the best

What experience were made with SCIM, IBUS and UIM. combined with ANTHY ? Which method do you prefer
and why?

Ibus + Mosc is the best setup I've found. It's the closest thing to MS
IME (which is one of those things that MS did that actually works and
they've never managed to break) in Linux. Once it's set up it just works.

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