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[tlug] [announcement] Sep 26 (Fri) - TLUG 20th Anniversary Party!

*** please register your attendance with Doorkeeper
    we need to have at least 25 people registered by September 20 

-=-=-=- Announcement: TLUG 20th Anniversary Party -=-=-=-=-

  Date: September 26 (Friday) 
  Time: 19:30-21:30

  Place: Outback Bar & Grill Shinagawa (Konan side)
         (not to be confused with the Outback Steakhouse
          on the other side of Shinagawa station)


  Cost: 5,000 yen (pre-paid) / 5,800 yen (at the door) 

TLUG (Tokyo Linux Users Group) was born in June 16, 1994 as the "LINUX" conference on TWICS, 
which was the only public access Internet Service Provider in Japan at that time. The first
official meeting was held in September of 1994.

We will celebrate the group's 20th anniversary with a big party. Entrance fee includes food
(fixed course) and drinks (all-you-can-drink)

For any instructions or info before the meeting:
     Edward Middleton ............ 090-3689-0292
     Alberto Tomita   ............ 080-3463-9256

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