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Re: [tlug] (off-topic) Unlimited data plan (mobile internet access) in Japan

Softbank has mobile internet access as well.  I do not know all the details though.

My wife had it while we were in Japan, and left the hotspot for get mother to use with Skype.

On Aug 23, 2014 8:34 PM, "Daniel E. Moctezuma" <> wrote:
Hi guys

I was wondering if any of you know a good option to have unlimited mobile internet access in Japan (mainly, but not limited to, the Kanto area, specially Tokyo).

As a Docomo customer, I have the 7 GB data plan a month for my smartphone but is not enough, so a unlimited plan is highly desirable.
* No short-term use (i.e. tourists), so no SIM day/week-rentals, etc.

I have done some research and would like to mention some interesting options I found:

Y! Mobile

According to their catalog explaining their plans, phones, etc., they say you can increase your data limit for the next month by using the Yahoo website (or the Yahoo app). They call it "Packet Mileage", and depending on the "miles" (usage) of the Yahoo website/app you accumulate, you could get unlimited data in the next month, BUT!, if I understood correctly, you cannot keep accumulating "miles" each month until you get unlimited data for the rest of your contract or so (please, correct me if I'm wrong).
Quoting their small font-sized note in page 45 (below the graphic) of their catalog:「付与された特典を、翌月に持ち越すことはできません。」= "Accumulated miles cannot be carried over to the next month"
If understood correctly, by 特典 they mean "accumulating miles".

Their Pocket WiFi plans seem to work the same way as Docomo (and probably other carriers): 7 GB a month; one you exceed that monthly limit your speed drops to 128 Kbps for the rest of that month (additional charges may apply?).


Wi2 300

This seem to be targeted to people who want to use internet at public areas like stations, restaurants, shops, airports, etc.
While they say their coverage areas are expanding gradually, seems unlikely you could use it like any 4G LTE plan you may already have (regarding coverage).


UQ WiMax

According the this blog post from Japan Mobile Tech [0] doesn't seem very bad, although not being able to use it in the subway bothers me a little.
Anyone who could share their experience regarding this?


Please correct me if any of the above information is incorrect.
I would be glad to know your thoughts on the topic.
Any suggestions are more than welcome :)


Best regards

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