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[tlug] Beware Mark Karpeles (was VPS providers in Japan)


For those who are unaware, Mark Karpeles (the fellow who used this list last
week to advertise his new VPS solution) is (at the most kind) incompetent to
run any sort of technical service and (at the most extreme) a sociopathic felon.

"" was started with, and is running on, funds embezzled from MtGox.

Use his services at your peril.  Do not work for him.  Do not give him advice.
Any assistance that you might provide, be it knowledge or work-for-pay, will
taint your soul.

(TLUG having changed membership quite a bit since I was active, I reckon I'll
be counted as a random anonymous reddit crank throwing mud.  If there were a
cabal, I'd be one of them -- right behind Steve, Austin^WKentaro, Josh, and

-- Chris
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