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Re: [tlug] Ibus and Ubuntu based

On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 10:53 AM, Bruno Raoult <> wrote:
On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 2:35 AM, CL <> wrote:
I did an upgrade from Kubuntu 13.04 to 13.10 and still have the same problem with ibus-anthy not working in LibreOffice.  But, there is the added joy of having to use shift-space or nothing.  I am locked out of the ibus setup page and can only switch between J and E by clicking on the ibus icon and choosing a language.  The ibus popup looks a whole lot more like MS-IME than ever before, with additional setup choices offered there than in setup.  I also have to start ibus manually on startup despite a startup script having been entered and checked.

Well, another experience: Ubuntu Gnome.

I have a few questions for issues you may have resolved already:
- Were you able to change the "Switch to next source" shortcut? I tried to set Zenkaku_Hankaku for this, no luck. But I have the feeling this could be defined in different places (I tried in "Text Entry Setting" area).
- Which Japanese keyboard would you recommend for my keyboard. I have:
   Zenkaku_Hankaku under ESC
   Muhenkan left of space key
   Henkan_Mode and Hiragana_Katakana right of space key
   the "pipe" (|) is on left of backspace key.
  Their layout charts are useless (all Japanese keyboards are the same, with the "pipe" on the right of left shift key), and none has the 4 specific Japanese keys.

In fact, I really don't understand the point of being able to select different keyboard layouts (my keyboard has one design). Or do I completely miss something?
Probably I mix up these 2 concepts:
  - keyboard layout
  - input source
For example, I have 3 keyboard in my list (text entry settings). They are called "sources". On the right of this menu, there are shortcuts to move from one source to another. But in fact these shortcuts do switch input methods. This is just "charabia" (gibberish?) for me.


PS. Did you had, on any environment, some problems with the mouse (such as not being unable to close windows, or even to click on a button)? Slightly different topic, but for same environment.

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