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Re: [tlug] Debian 7.1 New User / General Advice?

On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 6:57 PM,  <> wrote:
> Iceweasel sure is acceptable, it "is" Firefox, except for the name
> and logo, because "[..]the artwork in Firefox had a proprietary copyright
> license which was not compatible with the Debian Free Software Guidelines",

I thought it was remarkably similar to Firefox!  So it *is* Firefox
after all then.

>> 1) The installation took a Really Long Time.
> Same experience here. The Debian install appears to be much slower
> than the Ubuntu install, for example. But Debian is more focused on
> freedom, stability, and security.

Sounds good!  Ubuntu and Kubuntu appear to be getting worse and worse.
 Higher and higher system requirements, lower reliability and more
Weird Stuff in general.

>> 2) There was an error message when I booted up the machine after the
>> installation saying that "Gnome-3 failed to load"
> The "GNOME shell" session needs special graphic features. Try to select
> "GNOME Classic" as default. You need to fine-tune your graphics
> to be able to run the fancy "GNOME shell". That's one reason why
> GNOME 3 is controversial:

Sounds like I got Gnome Classic accidentally (via old hardware), but
that's fine with me.  I hate new UI's, they all seem to be really
horrible - designed for people poking fat fingers at huge icons on
tiny screens....

> I haven't used KDE for years. Here's one way to find KDE packages:
>   $ apt-cache search kde
> It looks like the main package is 'kde-standard'.
>   # apt-get install kde-standard
> to install KDE.

Probably thanks to its being an older version of Gnome, it doesn't
seem so bad, so I may just stick with it.

>> 3) I [..] want to get Japanese working on
>> it if possible.
> It's like for all distros. This page might help you start:



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