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[tlug] sharing anthy dictionary between machines


I have several machines I've been sharing the ibus-anthy dictionary on via a dropbox account. What I've done is to move the .anthy/private_words_default to the Dropbox directory and put a sym-link between from the Dropbox file to the .anthy file.

This sort of works but I get unexpected behavior when I update the private_words_default using kasumi that doesn't make sense. When I update the file, the sym-link is replaced with a regular file (which isn't what I would want but I can understand) and the dropbox file is replaced with a new file with only one entry and that makes no sense at all.

Dropbox indicates the change is coming from the machine/user I'm on, so it isn't one of the other machines that's changing the file.

First -- is there a better way to do this? I suppose I could set up a cron-task to watch the file and update instead of using a sym-link, but this seems rather rube-godbergian to me.

And second, does anyone have an explanation for this behavior?

Steve S.

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