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[tlug] [OT] Japan SIM card for foreign phone


In 2008-2009, there was a discussion here about the possibility to get a SIM card for a foreign phone. It seemed difficult/impossible. Did the things change? This will not be a short-term stay, and I will have an address.

I found on internet that Softbank accepts to sell sim cards if you have got a Softbank phone. Is it the case? If yes, would an iPhone  (old, but functional) bought in Softbank 4-5 years ago be eligible? I guess the SIM cards themselves are not protected, are they? If my idea above could work, could I then move the SIM to my foreign iPhone?
Would other operators do the same today, especially AU? (my wife has an old AU phone, and a foreign iPhone).



PS. I really don't understand the rationale on these limitations, as I believe mobile operators don't make much money on hardware (I mean compared to subscriptions). They even loose money.

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