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[tlug] Good Overview Of What Is Still Secure?

Just reading [1] on how the NSA/GHCQ have backdoors in HTTPS and
commercial VPNs. That article was a bit sparse on clear technical
information; is it too smug to think that, as someone using open source
software almost completely, this is Somebody Else's Problem?

Any suggestions for a good, up to date article that describes what is
potentially compromised, and what is still secure? Something at the
level of someone who knows the difference between their public and
private key, and knows that sha256 is better than md5 but if asked why
would have to lamely tell you: "'cos I heard clever people tell me so".


P.S. This is a technical question, with the context of Linux users; if
you want to discuss the ethics and politics surrounding government
espionage, I suggest you either do it elsewhere, or at least start an
"OT" thread...


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