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Re: [tlug] Good Overview Of What Is Still Secure?

On 2013-09-08 22:40, Darren Cook wrote:
Just reading [1] on how the NSA/GHCQ have backdoors in HTTPS and
commercial VPNs. That article was a bit sparse on clear technical
information; is it too smug to think that, as someone using open source
software almost completely, this is Somebody Else's Problem?

Would leave two contextual points here.

1) Nothing knew on what's been said and done lately. I think the meaning of the reports as of now is to point to this sheer amount of power being abused by government, a.k.a "government-out-of-control" (being used for commercial advantages as opposed to security intel, etc)

2) There is a big difference between their theoretical capabilities, under "lab conditions" so to speak and their "real world success stories".

Anyway, any comments on this will always be speculative as nobody has the full picture.

Thank you.

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