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Re: [tlug] Good Overview Of What Is Still Secure?

Stephen J. Turnbull writes:
> Darren Cook writes:
>  > Any suggestions for a good, up to date article that describes what is
>  > potentially compromised, and what is still secure?
> Not off hand.  The RISKs folks, Bruce Schneier's blog, stuff like that
> would be where I'd look.

Also this,
the whole blog is worth reading.

BTW, crypto wars are now also fought on Twitter, so follow the usual
suspects there to get latest news/opinions in 140 chars or less.

The jury is still out on most things, but NIST-approved EC curves are
suspect, advice is to use alternative curves like Curve25519 and 
Curve1174 or avoid ECDH in favour of 'old-school' DH (i.e., discrete
based). Not known what the problem(s) with TLS might be, but deploying
forward secrecy sounds like a good idea, but see

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