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Re: [tlug] Finding Files and Numbering One's Feathers (was Re: Japanese Input - Kubuntu 12.04 LTS)

Benjamin Tayehanpour writes:

 > Find me another conflicting .bash_profile out there and I'll owe you a
 > cookie.

You owe me a cookie.  I have several of them, all slightly different.
Did you misunderstand that Lyle was looking for information about
.bash_profile rather than a specific file by that name?

 > >If you're talking about electronic networks, the phone network and the
 > >Internet merged long ago,
 > Physically, to some (okay, more than just "some") extent. Logically,
 > they are separate networks, just as a VPN is considered a separate
 > network despite physically being carried via a larger network.

By that logic, email and the web are separate networks, too.  Good
luck finding a home page at port 25!  Sure, you can make these
distinctions, but in the present context, I don't think it's very
useful.  After all, shortly after I send this message you'll be able
to read it on the web.  In less savory applications to the networks
you describe as "logically separate", I'm sure Prism records VoIP
calls, at least the endpoints if not the audio.  If somebody suborns a
host attached to both the public Internet and a VPN, the VPN is not a
separate network any more.

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