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Re: [tlug] Finding Files and Numbering One's Feathers (was Re: Japanese Input - Kubuntu 12.04 LTS)

On 6 September 2013 02:18, Stephen J. Turnbull <> wrote:
> No, the right file, rather than a different file by the same name!

Find me another conflicting .bash_profile out there and I'll owe you a
cookie. And no, writing an application out of spite which uses a file
which happens to have the same name doesn't count! ;)

Be that as it may, though: When I was young, we were taught in school
how to sift through information from libraries and the
then-newly-popularised Internet and decide what's relevant and what's
not. I am going to assume that most people have learned this, one way
or another. It's hard to function in a modern world otherwise.

>If you're talking about electronic networks, the phone network and the
>Internet merged long ago, in both directions (the phone network
>carries Internet packages and the Internet carries VoIP).

Physically, to some (okay, more than just "some") extent. Logically,
they are separate networks, just as a VPN is considered a separate
network despite physically being carried via a larger network. Also,
physically, many rural areas still retain the analogue POTS grid. Not
to mention the last-mile wiring in thousands of households.

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