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Re: [tlug] sb1 file format?

Darren Cook writes:

 > Wikipedia says it should be h264 [1],

Sure, but it looks like the phone stores the raw data stream, like the
old Sun .au format audio files.  Possibly the .moi and .mai files
describe the format and other parameters of the data streams.  They're
not big enough to be separate tracks.  The English article says that
it's an MPEG container using H.264 for the video and HE-AAC for audio.
The audio seems to average 16% of the video stream, so the .sb1 file
is probably an MPEG container stream with the audio and video
multiplexed inside of it.

 > so I'm wondering if the handset manufacturers are encrypting the
 > files to prevent piracy or something.

Dunno.  Ask file(1) if it recognizes the .mai or .moi files, or the
.PGI file.  You could also look inside them with an editor to see if
they contain any ASCII, UTF-8, or Shift JIS text.


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