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Re: [tlug] sb1 file format?

>> Handbrake and ffmpeg won't touch the sb1 file: "MOV001.sb1: Unknown format".
> Have you tried playing it with vlc?  According to
> sb1 is playable under vlc, and IIRC, vlc also has a convert function. 

I think that the "sb1" it knows is a "MemoryMixer Album".
But I just tried installed "vlc", and it does nothing with the file.
(vlc plays other movie files as ascii art, but at least it does play
those other files!!)

Wikipedia says it should be h264 [1], so I'm wondering if the handset
manufacturers are encrypting the files to prevent piracy or something.
Oh well, I'll just watch the programs on the phone then :-)

(BTW, "file" tells me the sb1 file is "data", and the others are "ps



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