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Re: [tlug] Dust busters?

On 2013-05-22 16:27 +0900 (Wed), Darren Cook wrote:

> I wondered if there is such a thing as a very small, very powerful
> vacumn cleaner? Something that will suck all the dust out of the inside
> of my notebook.

I use a Black and Decker Flex Vac[1][2] around the house and on my
computers; it's reasonably powerful without appearing to be so powerful
as to damage things. (My model is the second one, which includes a long
pole attachement that allows it to serve as a floor vacuum.)

> But this is still my main machine; I don't really want to send it away
> for repairs until I've bought its replacement. I'd like to limp along
> for six more months if I could.

I solved this issue by simply buying a second laptop. You can pick up a
used Lenovo X60 and 2 GB DIMM for well under ¥20,000[3], and this is
powerful enough for basic day to day stuff but (at least for me), cheap
enough that I don't mind keeping it as a spare that mostly just sits
on the shelf except for being pulled out once every couple of weeks to
check that it works and update the OS and my data files. (I share stuff
around my four laptops, two desktops and various servers using private
git repos and Dropbox for less sensitive stuff--Dropbox also is used for
sharing with my two tablets and my phone.)


Curt Sampson         <>         +81 90 7737 2974

To iterate is human, to recurse divine.
    - L Peter Deutsch

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