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Re: [tlug] Dust busters?

Followup: I got a can of compressed air, and a few days ago I opened the
notebook as much as I could without feeling I'd have to force it (*),
removed the two hard disks, put a cocktail stick in the fan. I couldn't
get to the fan very well, but did manage to get a couple of 1cm dust
clumps out, and a load of finer dust blew out the back.

This morning I've had load average between 3 and 4 for well over an
hour, and it is roughly as hot outside as the previous time I gave it
similar load. Looking at the reported temperatures it seems like dusting
has taken it from 57-ish to 52-ish. I'm happy with that :-)


*: Which means not very open at all. These things are not designed for
easy access, except for the areas where optional extras (like a modem)
can be plugged in.

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