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Re: [tlug] Dust busters?

Darren Cook writes:

 > get to the fan very well, but did manage to get a couple of 1cm dust
 > clumps out, and a load of finer dust blew out the back.

1cm dust clumps are pretty serious.  (Of course, here in Tsukuba,
surrounded by rice fields, we don't have dust in our fans, we have
rice straw soot.  Black, sticky, probably capable of turning into
high-grade petroleum in 1/10 the usual 75 million years. ;-)

 > This morning I've had load average between 3 and 4 for well over an
 > hour, and it is roughly as hot outside as the previous time I gave it
 > similar load. Looking at the reported temperatures it seems like dusting
 > has taken it from 57-ish to 52-ish. I'm happy with that :-)

Indeed.  Congratulations!

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