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[tlug] Emacs and decomposed unicode...

Bruno Raoult writes:

 > I have a weird problem with Emacs,

What version?  What GUI is configured?  You might (but then you might
not) get the right display if you use the GTK+ port.  I think you're
more likely to get it if you use the Mac port, Aquamacs, or the
GNUStep port.

 > and the way it handles "unicode decomposed" chars (such as
 > filenames coding on HFS+).  For instance, the character "รจ" being
 > (hex dump) coded as 65 cc 80 instead of the "usual" c3 a8.

Early versions of Emacs (and all existing versions of XEmacs) do not
conform to the Unicode standard here.  They treat Unicode code points
as characters, rather than properly composing them.  More recent
versions of Emacs may get this right (but I don't use Emacs, so...).

 > Would you have some hint? The perfect one being to have it done work
 > automagically, of course.

emacs -nw should do the trick (the terminal will do the composition
for you.


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