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Re: [tlug] Holy smokes, Unity and Gnome 3 suck worse than I ever could have imagined.

CL writes:

 > I'll just send her a message from my keyboard.  She has both my phone 
 > mail and regular e-mail addresses in her address book and replies as 
 > appropriate.
 > CAVEAT:  We have Softbank phones and BB ISP services, so this may be a 
 > "special case."

So you have some program that allows you to sms to your wife's phone?
Surely "sendmail -s 'leaving work now' 090-5555-1212" doesn't work....

 > Please tell me how you do that.  Ours is still at the Yahoo Kids, 
 > JumpStart, and Selena Gomez YouTube movies stage,. but it is already 
 > getting difficult to make her shut them off.

She doesn't know her own password.  If Mom gets mad, no YouTube (not
even after Mom goes to sleep).  For the shutting off part, I used to
have to pick her up and drop her in her bed or the shower as
appropriate, but now that she's in chu-gakko, the mere thought of
being touched by Dad is enough to make her behave.  This won't work on
boys, I'm afraid.

 > After this, I'll have some questions about stopping kittens from 
 > knocking over 2TB USB HDDs and sleeping on them because they're
 > warm ...

I think the kittens have it right.  Why not just get horizontal
enclosures for them?

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