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Re: [tlug] SOLVED - Re: iBus Setup Problem

On 06/22/2011 10:58 AM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
CL writes:

  >  Not a *major* issue but I hate it when I have to think about stuff
  >  I could previously ignore.

The problem with user-friendly distros is that they're only friendly
to *their* kind of user.  Multilingual folks are too rare to give a
flying Mexican f**k about.

Sir is forgetting that they have also followed MS in to the mousified desktop and cut away tonnes of stuff that would permit more work without lifting fingers from the keyboard. One of my main reasons for keeping an XP virtualbox on my machines is the Japanese edition (v.9.0J from Marubeni) of WordPerfect ... there was only one, it is the only Unicode-ready version EVER, and it was made for Millennium Edition / WIN 2K. But, one could produce, format, and deliver camera-ready copy of an entire book of several hundreds of pages without ever taking your hands from the keyboard ... except when you had to open a new subdirectory for photos, illustrations, charts, and tables. I did exactly that several times. There is no product that does that today with as little hassle and no mousing around. It has gotten more arcane instead of easier.

WP is dying because the Linux edition failed at v.8.0 in 2001 and there is no Unicode support -- a stupid move when you consider that it's largest installed bases remain Germany, France, and the Scandinavian countries. Oh, and because Paul Allen is it's largest shareholder.

There are a couple of German guys trying to keep Linux Edition alive, but they have to resort to using an ancient edition of Mepis with numerous kernel hacks and installation of lib files that have not been seen in the wild since 2003 just to keep it from crashing at startup. And the lack of Unicode pretty much kills its usefulness.

I have made several attempts to turn OOo / LibreOffice into a suitable multilingual WP alternative using the WP for DOS keyboard mapping, but there is no interest in the community to produce a polished product that can be used from the keyboard without having to mouse around or use a five-key combination where two used to do. I'd love to do a complete remap of the keys but it requires time that has to come from freelancing in order to achieve.

Besides, taking ten minutes to whine takes a smaller chunk out of my productivity and counts as my break.


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