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Re: [tlug] iBus Setup Problem

On 06/19/2011 03:22 PM, Prasad Bakre wrote:

2. Add iBus to your Startup Applications from System -->  Preferences
-->  Startup Applications

Hope that helps...

Thanks, I read this same instruction when manually starting Keyboard Input Methods, but I am at a loss to locate the right "System" link.

I enabled "ksystraycmd ibus-setup" in the "Autostart - System Settings" page, but I didn't find an obvious way to automatically go beyond the setup window.

I also added "Japanese" to "Preferred Languages" in Locale --> Country Region and Languages ... which I do not recall ever doing previously.

In the iBus setup window, I left all of the default settings alone.

I now have two icons, but still no Japanese language input.


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